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20/01/2021 - ....
Unfortunately this will be the last post from my website, the domain name and hosting are due to renew in the coming days and I have been unable to get the funds together to pay for the domain name and hosting, I will see if I can host a simpler version of the site on a free web host and make a binarybeats.tk domain name. Thank you for your downloads over the years.

30/11/2020 - Dreams of an A500 and more
It is gettting to ber very cold now and with it our oil heater is out to keep us warm and boil water for tea and coffee, a rather nice way to spend winter time. It has been a while since I last updated the site with new tracks and this time there are 5 new tracks in the digital breaks section and 1 new one in the hardcore breaks one. The one I enjoy the most is Dreams of an A500, it takes me back to when I first got my A500 and sheer amazement each time I used it. It was my gateway into doing music and a tool that I was using until recently.

08/10/2020 - Dancing With Spiders
Autumn has arrived in Japan, it was an unusually hot September but last week the temperature has dropped suddenly, today we are wearing jackets and hoodies where as last week it was so hot that shorts and t-shirts were all we needed. As a consequence of this cooler weather it seems that more spiders have been appearing in the house and it has been a dance of finding them and killing them as they jump around the place incredibly quickly. During the times when I am not killing spiders I did a little track that was down temp at 100 bpm and then speeds up to 150 bpm and 100 bpm again. It is not something that I will release on a label but it is available here at least on the website for free. In the meantime I have signed 4 new tracks to Raveskool, a release date has not been set yet but I will update the site when I find out. The tracks are: 64 Lines of Love, Until We Meet Again, Show Me & Future Promises, these tracks are all in the oldskool breakbeat style or hardcore breaks. I have a few more tracks on the cooker which are oldskool breaks style but they probably will not be finished for a while due to time constraints.

I hope that everyone is safe and have not been affected too badly by the Covid-19 situation, I imagine it will get worse now that we are entering into the colder season and colds, flus will be on the rise. Thank you for those of you who are downloading and accessing this website, I am never sure if I am just talking to the clouds or if people are actually reading this.

17/09/2020 - Venus and phosphine!!
Wow oh shit!!! The news that they have found phosphine on Vensus has been going around the world like wild fire and with good reason. The implications of this are absolutely astounding, in a nutshell phosphine can only be produced by aritifical processes like machinery or in our gut, it is something that usually is made my living beings. In this case it seems like there might be bacteria in the upper atmosphere on Venus, how they survive no one knows but if this proves to be true and there is life in Venus even bacterial this would prove that the universe is full of life and we are not alone, because to find life twice in just our solar system would be incredible. As soon as I had read the articles I got influenced to do music again, a new track titled Venus Cloud Skimming is a downtempo uplifting soft breaks track. I guess the older you get these kind of tracks become more enjoyable :) I hope you can enjoy as well. It is in the Digital Breaks part of the website.

09/09/2020 - Life changes and more
The summer has been in full force here with temperatures reaching 37 and in parts 40 degrees, while it was a welcome change the hot weather the heat has become quite oppressive. Any movement at home or outside gets your sweating buckets, at least washing is a not a chore with everything drying out in a few hours. Corona is still a problem here and I think it will be for a while, along with the super hot weather it has been difficult to get into the mindset of doing tunes. For this update I have three new tracks of a Digital Breaks nature but I feel they are missing a something that my earlier tracks had. It seems the older I get the more difficult it is to do tracks that have the energy, complexity and enjoyment in them. Most likely when I was younger I could still trick myself into believing what I was making was half decent, now I have the experience and wisdom to recognise my music for what it is, amateurish at best. While it is amaterish I still enjoy making music but I feel better to just release the music on this website, that way I know no one will download or listen to it.

In general I have been a bit disappointed in the hardcore breaks scene, a few years back there was a lot more coverage of the upcoming artists, underground artists, people who were pushing the sound into new directions. Of recent there is far more coverage of established artists and old artists coming back to the fold, I realise covering them gives more credence to the bloggers and writers but it has allowed the scene to stagnate. Two people who were really essential in the scene before were Sparky Dee and DJ EZC, they devoted whole shows to unheard music, free tracks that did not conform to the norms and artists who were not known but at least were pushing the sounds. There podcasts were always enjoyable and opened me up to new music and ways of thinking of music. It is the nature of all things that as they become bigger some parts will get lost, I think the hardcore breaks scene from a few years ago was in the best place it had been in a while. I hope that the original unsigned shows and podcasts will continue to be taken up by others.

08/07/2020 - Retro Gamer
With the lock down starting up here again, I have been having some more time to myself and it has given me a chance to get down to some serious gaming and when I mean gaming I mean retro gaming, PC Engine, Megadrive, Super Famicom and Amiga. It has been a blast playing the old classics and trying out games that I never had a chance to buy back in the day. Amongst all this retro gaming I have been working on new tunes and being a bit influenced by the tracks from Gunhed, Golden Axe and FZero I came up with this little track, it is a digital breaks tune with oldskool bass and breaks. You can download it in the Digital Breaks section, I hope you enjoy it. In the meantime I have taken down my SoundCloud website as I am releasing most of my music from this website.

Unfortunately it seems that my lastest album is not doing well with zero to some interest but I guess in these times it is hard to sell music plus the nature of the album is not so oldskool. I find myself moving more and more away from the hardcore and rave sound which I believe is a good thing, it is important to develop musically and is only natural.

25/06/2020 - Organic Repetition 2020 Album and more!
As the 22nd June I have released my 5th album, it seems crazy that only a few years ago I had dreamt to doing an album and now I am on my 5th. Thank you to everyone who has supported my albums with a special thanks to GLOWKiD who has supported all of my albums and especially Paul Cronin for launching my last three. This album is another departure from the more breakbeats and pianos, infact I think there are no main piano riffs on this album. When I was writing the album I was thinking a lot of the Synthwave scene and remembering the synth tracks from the 80s. So the album seems to have moved in a more synth and breaks direction. This might alienate a lot of my previous listeners and I hope that you will be able to forgive my experimentation. I have always felt that albums are journeys and vehicles for experimentation, EPs are for the masses i.e. they are made for what the majority will like. Please have a listen if you like by all means buy the album, it can be bought at Beatport for the moment.

In addition to my album I have updated the website with some newer tracks as well, these are a sort of hardcore breaks and breaks, they can be grabbed in the downloads under Hardcore Breaks and Digital Breaks. The tracks are Back on Track (Hardcore Breaks), Lands of Fantasy (Digital Breaks), Summer Wind (Digital Breaks), Space Harrier Stomp (Hardcore Breaks), Summer of `94 (Hardcore Breaks), Brainstorm (Hardcore Breaks), Show Me (Hardcore Breaks) and 64 Lines of Love (Hardcore Breaks).

Finally just a quick word to keep an eye out for something from Paul Cronin and myself, no specifics yet but suffice to say I am very stoked about this project ...

09/04/2020 - Nikuman Maker - www.binarybeats.net only
Another update and so soon .... even though there is no real lockdown in Japan I have had my work reduced which means I spend most of my time at home now, this means more time for doing tracks alongside other house chores. One of the simple joys I have enjoyed during this lockdown is learning how to make Nikuman or in English, steamed pork buns, I like the name Nikuman more though. Anyways I`ve been cooking a lot, eating more than is healthy for me and then banging away at Renoise doing tunes. It helps pass the time, though I have been getting a bit rounder due to it, which I discovered much to my dismay when sorting out a photo for GLOWKiD in regards to his new CD. I think it is time for me to reduce eating Nikuman though as I write this I am preparing another batch for dinner. So where was I? Oh yes, this track is available in the Digital Breaks section though it kind of verges on oldskool. Before I forget thank you for all the comments on my SC page, I have been uploading some new tunes and have some more oldskool piano tracks cooking in the oven and hopefully if I can figure out how to finish them soon I will upload them here and to SC. Stay safe all and hopefully we will get over this sitaution. It was interesting to read as a side note that there is mounting evidence this virus is man made by the virus research centre in Wuhan and the first patient, patient zero if you will, was a researcher from the Wuhan virus centre ... it makes you think doesn`t it?

07/04/2020 - Funky Peanuts and Amiga on Sound Cloud
Hello I hope you are all well and safe, it is crazy and scary times we are living through now, but I think we are lucky to be experiencing this in the era of the internet: Netflix, laptops, smartphones and big screen TVs :) Here things are slowly getting worse but I think the situation is much worse than what the Japanese government is letting on. But fingers crossed we will not go into massive deaths though I believe we will experience it soon. In the mean time I have been updating my Sound Cloud with my Amiga tracks, I am working on some new Amiga tracks and provided I can get my hardware repaired soon I will upload them to Sound Cloud and this website. It is always such a rush working on an Amiga track due to the limitations I think you become more creative in the process. In the meantime I have uploaded a new Digital Breaks track, `Funky Peanuts`, why the name? Well I really like peanuts, especially miso peanuts or black sugar peanuts from Amami island. My mother in law always brings me back several bags and I devour them quickly and even lost a tooth once!

GLOWKiD`s compilation has been out now for almost a week and it has been so heart warming to see the comments and reviews. It is a truly stellar release and this not just because I am on it, the tracks that have been submitted are very unique and professional sounding. I believe that the future of hardcore breaks is on this CD, bar the track done by me :) Each track has a high level of production and pushes the sound into new avenues, especially the producers from Poland, Greece and Japan. In a scene where it is easy for the music to become stale, I realise I am part of that scene and for a lot of us the joy is in reliving the sounds of our youth but we need to push the hardcore breaks sound so it does not become stale. This is why I produce tracks other than hardcore breaks as it helps keep the sound fresh for me and gives me inspiration. Though I have to say the pure roughness and grittiness you get from an Amiga sound chip is still unparalled and sounds as good or even better than it did 30 odd years ago.

Finally I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded my music and supported me, GLOWKiD, Rob@Dark Til Dawn, Tariq Ziyad, Paul Cronin, Amiga Junglism, Breakbeat Scientist and Beat Rapist. In these uncertain times and with the infection spreading faster in Japan there is less certainty we will be around. Unfortunately I have several health issues including severe asthma which puts me at a high risk of death from Corona. If I am infected and do not make I wanted to thank all of you who supported my adventures in tune making. I never have considered myself a producer and never will, I just fiddle around with sounds and see myself as such. Stay safe and hope to see you all once we are through this.

12/03/2020 - Free @binarybeats.net e-mail addresses :)
It is getting close to the big release from GLOWKiD, so I must send a massive thank you to all the people supporting the release. It is a very special album and I find myself listening to it more and more on my commute, all of the tracks are very strong and deserve multiple listenings. I am in awe of the quality of tracks from all the producers they have all come up with some fantastic tracks that showcase their differing styles.

So please check out the Generation X Crew from GLOWKiD, it is chock full of bangers deserving repeated listening. In the meantime I am working on some more breaks tracks :) Before I forget though I am offering free e-mail addresses with the binarybeats.net domain, you get over 1gb of space, this might increase depending on the amount of interest. If you are interested please send an e-mail to: apogeebreaks@binarybeats.net - along with the address name and password you want, once set up I will send you an e-mail with your login details and delete your original e-mail so please keep a record of the password.

12/03/2020 - Site Issues

Unfortunately my current web hosting company negleted to tell me they were changing the DNS settings for my website, so the site was down for about two days. I was pulling out my hair trying to figure out what was wrong when I finally got an e-mail containing the updated DNS settings. Normal service is now back :)

06/03/2020 - CSM Joy Riding

Another Digital Breaks update for this March Friday, this is 135bpm digital breaks track that I tried to give an oldskool dance feel to it. The snare drum is a very 80s style one with a some layered pads, synths and bass. Doing this tune felt good, or it could have been that each time I worked on this track the train was coming out of the tunnel into daylight and that always feels great. Anyways, CSM Joy Riding, is available for download in the Digital Breaks section of the website. Haven`t been finishing off much Hardcore Breaks tracks of recently but I will try to get back to those again.

03/03/2020 - The Generation X Crew and Belgarath`s Journey

Man what a start to the month, big things are coming from the house of GLOWKiD - `The Generation X Crew` album, with a limited CD run available from 20th March 2020 and digital on 3rd April 2020. The CD will be available from Sonic Fortress and digital from all major digital platforms (Beatport, Amazon, iTunes etc.). I was lucky to have a listen to the album and wrote a short review below.

In addition there is a new tune in the Digital Breaks page, Belgarath`s Journey, I have been re-reading the Belgariad and Mallorean and recently started on Belgarath the Socerer. If you have read these amazing books then you will know who this person is, I read the books when they were first coming out and the stories never left me. It is always a pleasure to revisit the books every couple of years and relive the adventures contained in. While I was re-reading the books this little track came about hence the title, it can be downloaded here or from the Digital Breaks page. Oh and before I forget there is a new Hardcore Breaks track available for download, 64 Lines of Love, you can download here on in the Hardcore Breaks page.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the upcoming release of GLOWKiD`s compilation chock full of upfront hardcore breaks, GLOWKiD has found an eclectic collection of producers that showcases the variety and energy that exists in the HCB scene today. While the tracks featured on the compilation are made by a variety of artists they all exhibit the DNA of GLOWKiD in one way or another. Each prodcution speaks with the voice of the leading promoter in the HCB scene. It is as if he sat down with each producer and directed their productions. Right from the first track GLOWKiD guides you into a world of breaks, pianos, stabs and high pitched vocals.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the tracks, from the breakbeat driven Inside Ma Head by TNO Project, with it`s use of time stretching breaks and vocals, to the chunky breaks and epic build up in Music Takes Me Higher (Vitality Remix) by Nefti. The piano and vocal strong Sorry Riddim by Damage Inc. and U Turn Me On by Nefti. This Way by Insane & Mind is a great piano and vocal driven track that has the classic amen break, kicks and sine bass line with a nice rolling piano riff. Sucks 2b You is a funky track with a great breakbeat and nice stab riff directing the track, the breakbeat programming is very nice on this one with the high and low pitched vocals adding to the whole atmosphere.

Wonderful by Monks & Mort gets into a bit of oldskool happy hardcore with the bass-drum driving the track and a classic sounding piano riff with a well known vocal. The driving stab bass works really nicely with the kick drum and breakbeat. While I would love to review all of the tracks here I am not one who is good with words so I am sorry for the other producers who I did not mention as all the tracks here are truly in a class of their own. Make sure you check out the stripped back piano heavy Building Shake by Amaretto, Rave 4 Life (Pressure Euphoria Mix) by Spiral S with its trance influenced stylings, the piano rolling Bring It Back to the Heaven by Yudaidhun which has a very unique sound. Ricochet by Schnez has a strong stab and bass driving riff with a nicely filtered break, Dreamer by Beats Are Broken is a great track that builds up with a nice arpeggio bass in the background and finally but certainly not least The Ardcore Crew by Paul Cronin, the head honcho of Raveskool Recordings. You always know when you are hearing a Paul Cronin track and he does not disappoint but with the added bonus of GLOWKiD providing vocals.

There is so much to enjoy here and for those of use who enjoy our hardcore with breakbeats this is a wonderful look at the current scene of Hardcore Breaks. While I wish I could say there is one track that stands out above the others I have to say that they are all incredibly well produced, energetic and fresh sounding. Each producer has stamped their unique style and it is this that makes the compilation such a pleasure to listen to. As a side note I just have to add that it is so wonderful to see a compilation made of producers from around the world, I think this truly is an album that looks to the past but could only have been done in the present.

03/02/2020 - Raveskool Recordings 7 new tracks signed to the label :)

In a good start to month I have signed 7 new tracks to the awesome Raveskool recordings, not sure when they will be coming out but it is good to have some new material out on such a good label. They have released so many good tunes over the years from amazing producers and it is such an honour to be part of the Raveskool crew. So keep an ear our later in year on Raveskool for some new stuff from myself Apogee Breaks. The tracks are a mixture of experimental breaks and traditional upifting pianos hardcore breaks style.
31/01/2020 - New Track
It has been good getting back into doing tracks again and especially the surprises that comes from creating something, for this track Synth Assimilation, it had begun as quite a different tune more downtempo and chilled but as I played around with the VST synths I came up with some nice chords and these became the stem of the track. I love the 80s synth sound as it is so powerful and full of energy and hope yet it still can add atmosphere that is not only uplifting. With this track I wanted to create that feel of energy with the electric synth sounds and layered bass lines. Creating this track was a lot of fun but the proof is in the pudding and while I enjoyed making it I a not sure if it will be received well. The tracks which follow the formulaic synth stabs and reused samples do well so while it is fun to doing something a bit more experimental it means that there is a higher chance it will not be heard by others. Anyway I hope that there will be some people out there who will enjoy this little bit of 80s synth breaks .... or something. It can be found in the Digital Breaks section.

29/01/2020 - Updated Design
Things have been getting off to a slow start in 2020 though I have finally decided on the new design for the website in 2020, this time I have gone for a much simpler design. Previously the site designs have been quite loud and full of graphics. It shows how I felt about my music and was younger. Now I do not have as much confidence in my music and I seem to be doing less of it or the quality of my tracks have gone down. So this simpler website is here not to shout out about the tunes but just as a place for them to be.

I have a few new tracks that are almost ready to be uploaded, hopefully some people will be able to find them on the website here as now I am off Sound Cloud again. Last year my wife and I decided to simplify parts of our life and that has meant trading in our iPhones for a simple flip phone. It is has been almost 6 months now and we definitely feel better for it. As a result I have not been involved in any online social network sites and realised that with Sound Cloud I was not using it much and there were only 4 or 5 downloads of my tracks. It seemed a waste to put my time into SC when I can put everything online on this website.

5/01/2020 - Happy New Year!

and Happy New Year to you all, I hope that 2020 will be a wonderful and happy year for everyone, I personally am happy to say goodbye to 2019 as it was one of the worst years I have ever had. My wife and I had moved back to the UK early 2019 and it was a nightmare, the old saying that you can never go home seems to hold true. However late in 2019 we decided to move back to Japan and things have gotten much better, we are happier and looking forward to settling down in Japan permanently this time. Even though 2019 was a bad year for me I want to thank Paul Cronin for taking on my tunes in his label and releasing my second album on Raveskool mid 2019. Really appreciate your support mate as I know a lot my tunes don`t follow the traditional oldskool form which makes them less accessible for other labels. Finally a massive shout out to GlowKid or Peri, he has been a good friend and supporter in the scene and deserves much success for all the hard work he has put into the scene. For those who might want to contact me I am now available at: apogeebreaks@yahoo.co.jp

Why the picture of a Super Famicom you may think, well this 2020 will be the 30th anniversary of the Super Famicom, it is unbelievable that so much time has passed. I think for many of us oldskool ravers the Super Famicom/SNES was the pinacle of gaming and still holds a big part of our lives. Live on old skool music and retro gaming!