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I have been lucky to have a few releases over the years putting out music under the names, dj fuzzbuzz, amiga breaks and digital breaks, most of the releases were digital but I was fortunate to have a chance to do a vinyl release twice with Nicky Allen under our label Big Fish Little Fish Recordings, unfortunately the second release did not meet the needed sales so the label is in limbo at the moment. ( AB= Amiga Breaks, FB=Fuzzbuzz, DB=Digital Breaks)

Title: Label: MP3/CD/Vinyl: Date of release: Notes:
Journey`s End Dark Til Dawn MP3 & CD January 2016 MP3 & CD remaster, alias AB & FB
Tone Def Long Live The Animals MP3 January 2016 Alias AB & FB
So Sweet Kode 5 MP3 July 2015 Alias AB & FB
Back 2 Dalston Lane Inner Minds MP3 August 2015 Alias AB & FB
Mendokusai Dred Collective MP3 Feb 2015 Alias AB & FB
1994 Crew Dark Til Dawn MP3 Jan 2015 Alias AB & FB
35 Degreez Ransaked Recordings MP3 Jul7 2014 Amiga track, alias AB
Piano Blues Paranoid Recordings MP3 April 2014 alias FB
Gotta Believe Kode 5 Recordings MP3 October 2013 alias DB
That DJ Big Fish Little Fish Rec. Vinyl August 2012 alias FB
Sumarai Junglist Big Fish Little Fish Rec. Vinyl June 2012 alias FB
Back With A New Tune Paranoid Recordings CD June 2012 alias FB
Tokyo Paranoid Recordings CD January 2012 alias FB
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