12th July 2016 - New tracks now online

I have uploaded my two latest tracks in the digital breaks style, the first one is titled, "Little Blue Dot", the track takes the name from the photo of Earth taken by Voyager 1 in 1990 when it was about 6 billion kilometers away, it was requested by Carl Sagan and when introducing the photo he said some amazing words. I took a part of the speech for the beginning and end of the track, the words very powerful when you see the whole photo and how small and fragile our little dot looks in the vastness of the cosmos. It brings many things into perspective how irrelevant or small they are compared to the reality of our situation. Wars, religion, music, technology, smartphones are all such a small part of the whole and get swallowed up in the greatness of our universe. I love this picture so much that I had a large print done and it sits above my computer and each time I feel down about something or frustration I look at the photo and ask does it really matter? At the end of the day this is our only home and we need to look after it, polluting, fighting are just faster ways to lose our one and only home. At the end of the track he talks about how humbling it is to be an astronomer and I have to admit that when looking through a telescope and seeing Jupiter or Saturn with my own eyes it makes the universe expand before me and how lucky we are to have a planet that can support life.

The second track is a track dedicated to those of us who grew up with the SNES/SFC, "SFC Dreams", it was such an exciting time in the late 80s early 90s when the 16bit game machines came out, no other generation afterwards generated the type of excitement and joy that gaming did in the 90s for me. While we had the Megadrive, PC Engine and the SNES/SFC, it was the SFC that really took gaming to another level, I remeber playing Street Fighter 2 and thinking how close it was to the arcade, games like Contra, Pilotwings, still back then the graphics were mind blowing for me and beautiful.
12th July 2016 - New Tunes

I have been having a bit of block in regards to tracks, it seems like I have been moving away from the hardcore breaks piano heavy led tracks and more into the darker, futuristic sound of the Apogee Breaks project. However I have started to go back to the older more unique sound of digital breaks, which is why I am releasing the "16 Bit Days" album, this will be on limited edition CD as well, hopefully with colour inlays, I am not sure if I can afford to do as nice CD as my first album as money is bit more tight this time.

The track listing has been completed for all tracks and I am just in the process of leveling them out ready for mastering, in the mean time I have two new tracks available on the site which are in the digital breaks style. The first is [ SFC Dreams ], they will not be included on the album and will be available for free download from this site, they should already be availble for download as of this update. As the album gets closer to release I will announce information on this site as usual, there is also a new 3 track LP that I will be releasing as a free download under Dark Til Dawn records, this is the last few tracks I have done in the hardcore breaks style with piano led melodies. Not sure when I will be doing tracks like this again as I am not feeling that sound at the moment. Chilled out breaks and retro sounds seem to be the thing at the moment for me, not sure why haha but at least I am making tunes and that is all that I really care about.
5th July 2016 - First Update on new website!
It has been quite a while since I have updated the Binary Beats website, it has been hanging in limbo for a few months since I started the Apogee Breaks website/project and did a re-release of my Journey`s End album, of which there are still physical copies available from the Dark Til Dawn [ link ]. It may not be my best album but it is my first and from it I learned a lot about production techniques, putting and album together and about myself. Since finishing the album I have taken a break and then back to work and then a break again, been trying to sort out things in my head. The Apogee Breaks project is still going and I have a few tracks that I will be uploading to the website. Time has not been on my side and it seems like there is always something else which requires my attention and then there is no time to spend on doing music which has been frustrating, not being on Soundcloud has helped though as it feels like there is less pressure, perhaps I just work better in a vaccum.

Things have been moving though and along with the website refresh I have a few new tunes that are available from this site and a new album in the works, most of the tracks have been finished and it is just a case of cleaning up the tracks and doing the artwork. This album is going to be very special for me as it is not going to be a hardcore breaks/oldskool album but tracks which don`t really fall into any particular genre but are tracks where I experimented and just did what I felt like. It is a mix of breaks, Amiga games/demos influenced melodies and sounds. The tracks each represent a time in my life back in the late 80s-90s, as one mate commented the tracks remind them of the 16/32BIt era games which is where I am coming from with each track. The album is titled, "16 Bit Days", and will be published and sold via Dark Til Dawn Records again, as they did such a great job with my last album.
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