I am not sure why I am putting this up here as there is at most probably 2 people visiting this site and that includes me but I just want to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded and bought my music, commented or played it out on the radio, it means a lot that others liked what I had made. Things change and for me I have a tsunami of a change coming, after 13 years in Japan my wife and I are moving to the UK, for how long we are not sure. It is not something that we are looking forward to, our life in Japan has been wonderful with amazing friends and family, experiences and memories. Since we have started the process of moving I have less time and even less heart for doing music.

As a final project I will be releasing a final album with Raveskool Recordings, it has new tracks and also older un-released/re-mastered tracks. Check out Raveskool for more information about the release date and pricing.