Moving ... it really sucks! : 23/2/2019
It is scary how fast things have been moving in the last few weeks, the move is getting ever closer and with it our home has become more empty with each passing week. Coming home now feels strange as so much of what made our home ours has been given away, thrown away or packed away, it is a sad feeling. You seem to notice more about what you are going to lose and with each day I seem to find another thing that I will miss from Japan, I worry if I can find a decent place to live for my wife and I, in Japan we can live in a very nice place close to the station and shops with the beach 15 minute walk away all for just under £300 a month, I am feeling I can never find a place like that in the UK.

One thing that many people complain about when visiting the UK is the water, in Japan the water is soft, this means that when you take a bath, shower, or was your hands you feel really clean, you can scrub your skin and when you come out, you feel very fresh, there is nothing that beats going to Japanese onsen or sento. In the UK, when taking a shower or bath you end up feeling oily, it is a really uncomfortable feeling after living in a soft water area. Well at least it will only be for 2 years and half, I am already counting down the months until we are moving back home to Japan.

In the meantime I have uploaded some new tunes, please find them in the Hardcore Breaks ( Countdown and The Other Side) and Digital Breaks sections (Origins), I have been back on SoundCloud for a while but not many visits, hehe probably due to the on off nature I have with the site. I am only uploading Hardcore Breaks and Rave tunes to the SC page since most of the listeners there are into the breakbeat sound, my Digital Breaks tracks are all hosted on this site since it seems I have more traffic for those tunes from this domain.
Goodbye . . . . (~_~) : 2/2/2019

this is the final update from me, the computer is going into storage tomorrow, I have managed to add two more tracks to the download pages, Happy Nutter and Sounds like Amiga, the first one being a bouncuy hardcore breaks tune and the last track an Amiga influenced tune which reminds me of the Amiga demo tracks back in the day. It is too sad for me to think that this will be my last post from Japan, next time from the UK, sigh.
New Tunes and Offline for a while : 30/1/2019

the time has come for us to say goodbye to our home and country, we will be moving to the UK this year and everything is being packed up. Since my computer will be in the boxes I will not be able to do a new tunes or update them so I have done a quick dump of all my latest tracks and put them onto the downloads pages. I can`t really believe this is happening, Japan has been my home for the last 13 years, it is difficult to go back to the UK which feels more like a foreign country to me than Japan does now. My wife and I plant to move back home after about 2.5 years and then settle down in Japan. It is going to to be a tough 2.5 years in the UK though and we are already too sad to think about moving.
Binary Beats Facelift for 2017 : 26/7/2017

has been a while since I last gave the website a facelift and the current design was starting to feel a bit stale and dark for my liking, the previous design I had liked since it had a more colourful approach to the site so I decided to borrow some design elements from it, I think it looks kind of the same but a bit sharper. Probably from living in Japan so long I also wanted to create a warmer/cuter feel to the site, I think in general the music I make is not so dark in general and felt that a warmer website would better represent the music that I do. Unfortunately I will be losing internet access from the start of August so with my pack of Root Beer ready and snacks I am busy working on finishing the new website design and uploading the files before it is gone. I am not able to say when I will have internet access again since it all depends on how the move to the UK goes and finding a job and getting a new place.

The new move I must admit makes me very nervous, my life has been good in Japan and while it is has been financially tough I have recently been getting more students as word is passed around and my website gets more hits. How am I going to adjust to life in the UK after adjusting myself to the Japanese lifestyle, is a big question that rests of my head. In the meantime I have been doing tunes when I get a chance on the train and if I have free time at home. Hopefully it will not be too long until I can start to upload my tracks again.

Finally I just want to thank Tariq, Breakbeat Scientist and GlowKid for the kind and warm reviews they gave of my last two albums. I hope that someday I can do another even better album.
Digital Breaks and Funky Breaks Goodness : 4/7/2017

the temperatures hitting the mid 30s now in Japan summer is on her way now, usually in the hotter seasons I slow down my music writing since I prefer to find cooler places and this usually means going to public spots such as the food court in Marinpia. The only problem with that is the area is very noisy and it is hard to hear the music that I am working on even with headphones. So these 2 tracks might be the last for a while. The first is titled Wanderers and uses a sample from Carl Sagan, being a person that I greatly admire and respect for his work and writings, he also has a great voice and it works very nicely with my tunes. The second track is titled Saturn V, as in the the Saturn V that took astronauts to the Moon, this tune is funky breaks tune with no sampled breaks but all breaks are programmed in to give it a more oganic feel. Please enjoy the tunes in the downloads section, Digital Breaks. Enjoy your summer and don`t get ねっちゅうしょう!
Oldskool Raver & MET 102:45:47 : 7/6/2017

of my students recently did a drawing of me, it was a bit crazy but I kind of liked it so scanned it in and put it up on my SC pagewhich went nicely with the new tunes that I have uploaded there. Oldskool Raver is a tune that came about completely by accident, I was messing around with some of the M1 VST pianos and found a few notes that went well together, I had a nice acepella from which soing I can not remeber but it seemed to sound good together. Over a 1 hour 30 min train journey I was able to bang out the track Oldskool Raver. In the mean time I have been working on some more Digital Breaks style tunes, the latest one, MET 102:45:47 (I`ll let you figure out what the title means :), is another breaks and pads and stabs tune in a similar vein to the DB style. It is a bit happier at one point which I did not intend to do, the track was meant to be moody but sometimes things just do not work out the way you hoped. Please download and enjoy the tunes :)
White Gloves : 18/5/2017

I went to rave recently to check out how the scene has changed since back in the early 90s, to be honest I was well disappointed and ended up leaving early, the bouncy and breakbeat tunes of yore with rushing pianos and stabs which give you goosebumps were gone. The yellow jackets and yellow gloves gone as well. When I got back I went straight to the computer and started to bang out an uplifting breakbeat tune of the style which I want to hear and raise my white gloves to. White Gloves can be downloaded here.
Nase to Koniya : 2/5/2017

week went to Amami island, which is the island where my wife comes from, we spent just under a week there in this beautiful south pacific island, it is a place such as all I want to do is just walk around the beaches and admire the incredible views of the ocean and sky. There is a real sense of disconnection from the world and yet a very real connection to nature and the universe. We were lucky to have a few days without clouds and stars that could be viewed were amazing. It was almost too much at first since there were so many stars that you felt as if you were going to fall into the sky or the sky was going to fall on you.

After coming back from Amami, I came up with this little track which is about the journey of driving from the top of the island to the bottom. It is verging on a nu breaks style tune but keeps the tempo firmly at 155 bpm, I hope some people can enjoy it. The track can be downloaed here.
Time to Leave: 15/4/2017

Time to Leave is my latest track and is available for download in wav and mp3 format from this site, this track is particulary special to me as it helps me mark the end of my time in Japan. I have lived here for almost 12 years as of 2017 and my wife and I have decided that is time to move to the UK. More than any other country I have felt at home here, it is in this country that I got married, lived for the first time with my wife, worked for a proper company, released my music officially on labels and did my first two albums.

The friendships I have made in Japan will stay with me for the rest of my life, the experiences that I have gone through have made me a better and stronger person having been in the earthquake of 2011, have had major surgery twice and learning Karate and getting my black belt. Learning the language has been a struggle but also immensly rewarding when I was able to start reading the Hiragana and Katakana. In every sense I feel I am at home here and here is my home, going back to the UK I feel like an outsider and for the first time feel like I am actually leaving my home. It is with these thoughts and emotions that I put down this track, it has been an emotional rollercoaster of emotion and I hope the track is able to convery the strength of my emotions about this wonderful and amazing country that I have come to call my home and will be leaving soon.

I hope you will enjoy this track and what it represents to me. The download can be found here or in the Hardcore Breaks download section.
Orbit Insertion E.P available for download : 11/4/2017

This little EP used to be a Sound Cloud exclusive but I had a change of heart and decided to put the EP up for download here where it will be available for as long as I run this site. The EP consists of three tracks, 2 hardcore breaks and 1 happy hardcore (96 style), sorry no modern happy hardcore I can`t stand the direction of happy hardcore with the soft synth and flowery trance melodies, happy hardcore died for me around `97. I think this is the beauty of hardcore breaks, it is oldskool but there is much more variety in the tracks that can be done and the listeners are more open to the experimental sounds. Anyhoo, enough of my old man ranting, the ep can be downloaded from this link as a zip of the wavs [ Orbit Insertion EP ], I will add the individual tracks into the download section in a few days time.